Chardonnay Bottle


Napa Valley

This chardonnay is grown entirely from the RAZI Estate Vineyard. A lot of time and attention to detail is spent in the vineyard; several passes are made to ensure the growing conditions are perfect for the grapes. Canopy management, crop level and irrigation are amount the most important factors monitored. The vineyard has several soil types and different micro climates; therefore each area needs to be picked at different times to ensure optimal quality. The final decision to pick is determined entirely by flavor.

Natural and selected yeasts are used to barrel ferment this lovely wine. Secondary malolactic fermentation is arrested at 50%, this produces some butter and viscous mouth feel, but also preserves the acidity and crispness of the wine. Our chardonnay produces apple, peach, and tropical fruit aromas with flavors that linger on the palate ending with a long, crisp, fruity aftertaste. The oak tones from both barrel fermentations and aging are nicely melded into the flavor and finish of the wine.

$35 per bottle